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Coaching Education & Information

Coaching Education & Information

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Laws of the Game, Age Adjustments, Courses, Coaching Guides, Practice Guides and more

HYSA Coaches who complete and pass courses to receive licenses are reimbursed by submitting a copy of the license to the Executive Director

Coaching Requirements

GotSport, SafeSport, Credentials, Testing, Training, Background Checks

GOTSPORT Coaches / Managers Requirements

Competitive coaches are REQUIRED to complete requirements through Gotsport.  

The system will not allow you to be rostered until these are completed.

Head's Up and Background check are found in the same way as Safesport (by logging into GotSport account and going to your dashboard)

  • Head's Up (concussion training)
  • Background Check
  • SafeSport Training

For planning purposes, do NOT put off Safesport as it is 90 minutes long for the initial course.  

When renewing, you are able to take a refresher course, which runs about 30 minutes long.

Complete Information and Links via MYSA website

MYSA: Game Cards, Roster, Player & Bench Cards, Team Referees

For MYSA matches, the Coach is ultimately responsibe to present a printed Game Card to the Center referee.

The coach is also responsible for presenting a roster and cards for the players and bench personel.



During the MYSA Spring competitive season, your team's designated referee will be notified if they are needed. by the Thursday before the match, via an assignment in their referee GotSoccer account.

Grassroots Pathway for US Soccer Coaching Education

Access here: Digital Coaching Center

More Info: MYSA Coaching Education

Laws of the Game


US Soccer Player Developement

Birth Years, Small Sided Games Modifiers

US Soccer Player Developement

Heading 12u and Younger


Heading 12u

Build Out Line


Build Out Line: 2018 MYSA pdf

Recreational Coaching

more information about Rec Coaching

Recreational Coaching

Micro Activities

Education Courses

US Soccer

United Soccer Coaches


US Soccer Best Practices for Coaching [PDF]

US Youth Soccer Coaching

US Youth Soccer Skills School Manual [PDF]

Why Academy? [PDF]


This site from the Massachusets Youth Soccer Association is highly recommended as it integrates US Soccer Grassroots learning with US Soccer's youth curriculum and training goals.

This site contains Plans, Drills, progressions;


Our Competition Committee will be reviewing curriculums, US Soccer, and other states included to make improvements for our club and make it more accessible to our coaches.

Practice Planning


Curriculum-based training and practice sessions - Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (Highly Recommended). 

Training Activities - US Youth Soccer

Lesson Plans - Kentucky Youth Soccer

Training Achives - Utah Youth Soccer

Training Sessions - Illinois Youth Soccer

How to Write a Practice Plan [PDF]

Drills & Activities

Soccer Help - Drills by category or age

SoccerXpert - drills divided by category or age

Footballer 21 - Activities divided by category with demo videos and illustrations

Coaching Soccer 101 - Drills and Games divided by category and age

US Youth Soccer U6-U8 Coaching Activities  [PDF]

US Youth Soccer U10 Coaching Activities [PDF]

US Youth Soccer U12 Coaching Activities [PDF]

Heading Activities by Age [PDF]


- Finishing/Shooting Drills

Four Way Finish

Under Pressure: First Touch

Turn Sharp and Finish

- Goalkeeping

Goalkeeper Shot-Stopping

First Touch Article

The First Touch is one of a player's most valuable skills and must be taught repeatedly at every practice.

First Touch is the number one focus for a player's game skill recommended by U.S. Soccer and U.S. Youth Soccer with dedicated practice time by coaches and players.

Paying attention to the first touch will increase the player's ability to maintain possession, improve their speed of play, and allow them to be more successful at the higher levels.

Visualize the contest at the 18 with the perfect first touch pass to the striker and their first touch goal shot.  Or the one, two, three of a give and go goal - all with a first touch.  Or the defender who doesn't hestiate to move in and make a steal while laying the ball out to their offensive teammate on the run in the open field - all in one motion with a great first touch.


The Importance of First Touch  by Charles "Chugger" Adair

The Most Important Touch in Soccer: The First Touch by Chris Johnson

The First Touch in Soccer Play by Joshua Robinson


5 Essential First Touch Drills Every Player Should Master

by Matt Sheldon: Become Elite


... watch for the sweet nutmeg move at the end

How to Coach a Soccer Team : One Touch Passing Drills in Soccer

Coach Glenn: Expert Village


Coerver Coaching: How to Master Your First Touch

Head Coach Alfred Galustian: FourFourTwo

Drill 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0zWQzxlyLk
Drill 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BCOBXOyO-o
Drill 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbFDh79UwNY

First Touch Soccer Drill To Help You Stay Calm Under Pressure

Coach Ben: OnlineSoccerSkills

Using the Outside of Your Foot

Coach Ben: OnlineSoccerSkills

Aerial Control

Gunners Soccer Schools Technical Director Joe Sutton: at Arsenal’s famed Hale End Youth Academy


Soccer Drills: Playing Under Pressure

The Coaching Manual


U10 Technical Training: First Touch and Passing Exercise

Coach Dave DeHart: No Limits Soccer Academy