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For complete information, see the Tryout Policy on our Policy Page


Tryouts for Arsenal teams are held in the spring of each year for the 10U-14U aged teams, which will be in effect for two seasons (that fall and the next spring).


Tryouts (for Placement) for the 15U-19U aged Arsenal teams may be held at the sole discretion of the Coaching and Team Formation Committee and will generally be used sparingly and only in special circumstances.


There is a non-refundable registration fee for tryouts (10U-U14U) and/or placement (15U-19U) which will be set by the HYSA Board of Directors prior to the tryouts.


If a player needs financial assistance, parents should notify the HYSA Executive Director at or prior to the time of registration and request a scholarship. Generally, a letter to the Executive Director stating the hardship and identifying how much the player can contribute to the fees meets the scholarship requirements.


All players must register for tryouts or placement online, complying with any deadlines procedures and paying fees established.

All players will be required to commit to their team by paying program fees by deadlines that are announced. 

For players new to the Arsenal program, please be aware that Arsenal teams are traveling teams and your player can end up traveling out of town on many weekends.

According to state standards, U11 teams are split evenly, according to skill, physicality, and experience. U12-U19 teams are tiered according to ability. Teams are formed in the U11, U12, U13, U14, U16, and U19 age groups for both boys and girls depending upon numbers of players and offerings of age groups for league play by MYSA.

HYSA allows play-ups (a player playing with an age group older than they are) on a limited basis based on a number of factors. Players must request this in writing. MYSA does not allow Play Downs.  For complete information, see the Play-ups Policy on our Policy Page

HYSA tryouts are one of the most labor-intensive activities that we do at HYSA and the process requires a tremendous amount of coordination as well as a number of volunteers who must not only be willing to help out but who must also possess higher level knowledge regarding the game of soccer in order to provide the insights on each individual player that we need to ensure a fair, impartial tryout process.

Did you know what goes into tryouts ?

What goes into tryouts


15U to 19U

For complete information, please see the Letter to Upper Age Parents on our Policy Page


HYSA has enhanced the team placement process for our upper-age teams starting with the Spring 2017 Season.


With the substantial body of information that we have on each player by the time they reach U15 and above, we are able to reduce reliance on a high stakes tryout in favor of multiple measures of each player’s skills and abilities.


As in all other matters, our overriding goal in implementing these changes is to provide the best soccer education and experience available to youth and their families in Helena and surrounding areas.